Deli Mama


Padow's Hams & Deli introduces The Deli MamaOver the years we have received questions from young women preparing their first ham for a family dinner, or men about to carve their ham and want to know how to begin! Unable to gather the courage to ask their new mother in law for advice we have received hundreds of calls.

This section includes basic information to help both young and old. Like a college course called Hams 101 we will begin with the differences between the various hams. You will also find answers for preparing, serving and storing Padow's Old Cure Hams, Country Hams as well as the sweeter Padows Spiral Honey Hams.

Our goal is for you to enjoy our products and create memories of happy times together,
Easter, Christmas, Birthdays, Anniversaries, Retirements, Family Reunions, Graduations
and remember dear, these are only suggestions!

When placing orders: those received after 1:00 p.m. EST will begin to be processed the next business day and most orders will be shipped within 48 - 72 hours.

Padow's Smoked Turkey and Padow's Honey Hams must be shipped NEXT DAY Air outside Virginia!

If someone has sent you a gift, begin by looking at the label, to see if  your ham fully cooked ...or uncooked?

Next ...what type of ham is it?
     and is does it need preparation or is it fully cooked?

  • Padow's Old Cure Ham
  • Padow's Country Cured Ham 
  • Padow's sweeter Hickory Smoked Spiral Honey Ham.

    Padow's Old Cure Hams and Country Cured Hams

Vacum Wrap?
This is a fully cooked bone-In or boneless salt cured country ham.
Please remember to store all cooked meats in the refrigerator upon receipt. Due to the salt curing process these hams are fine to send by ground shipping methods. When serving we suggest that you slice the ham very thin and served at room temperature. If you have leftovers, wrap tightly with either foil and/or storage bags to keep air out.

Cloth Bag -with the words "cook before serving" on canvas.
This is a raw ham, directions are printed on the back of bag, start a memorable family tradition!

Cloth Bag - Petite,2 1/2 - 3 lbs. This is Padow's fully cooked Buffet Ham. Presented in little cloth bag, this is a wonderful gift!. This country cured ham has been prepared - cooked, trimmed and boneless ready to serve. 

Padow's Country Buffet Ham, fully cooked and sliced, 2.5 lbs. of meat. The words "fully cooked and sliced" are printed on the bag.

Honey Hams

Padow's Honey Hams are fully cooked, whole or half, and bone-in or boneless. If your honey ham has a bone, it has been spiral sliced, the boneless honey hams are also sliced.

#1 recommendation: It is best to 'underheat' rather than overheat your ham, these are already cooked!

Peel off label on ham for instructions. Padow's offers our complimentary gold glaze packet with all of our honey hams, this is optional, but adds additional flavor and your guests will be drawn to the table!

Padow's Smoked Turkey and Honey Hams must be shipped NEXT DAY Air outside Virginia!

Preparing your honey ham

If your ham is frozen, place in refrigerator for 24 - 48 hours to thaw before heating. To warm and glaze your honey ham, many families have recommended using the rectangular glass pan found in many kitchens. Line the pan with foil so you don't have to spend time in the kitchen cleaning up after the meal. Place the ham on the foil, add about a quarter cup of water and close the foil tightly. You want to keep the moisture in!

While your ham is heating, empty the contents of the gold foil packet into a small saucepan on top of your stove and add several tablespoons of water to create a glaze. Heat until the sugar and spices have dissolved. Then, about 10 minutes before serving take the ham from the oven, pour the smooth glaze over the ham (the slices will have started separating) and return the ham to the oven for a few more minutes. [The pineapple slices and cherries are optional!]

If you have leftovers, wrap in foil, and then place the foil packets in baggies to keep the air out. You may want to top with pineapple slices and cherries as in this picture!

padows hickory smoked spiral sliced fully cooked honey ham
Happy Holidays from the Padow Family to Yours!

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