Padow's Old Cure Country Ham Fully Cooked

Padow's Old Cure Country Ham Fully Cooked

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Padow's finest hickory smoked Old Cure Ham fully cooked bone in. Classic favorite, Cured for nearly a year, prepared exclusively for Padows Hams and Deli in Richmond, Virginia.Old Country cured hams provide a delicate "down home" taste.
This has been the traditional choice for generations! -The Deli Mama

Traditional favorite for gatherings of 50 guests for a buffet or 35 for dinner. Later, use the bone for delicious flavor in homemade soups or family recipes. [10-13 lbs.] Refrigerate upon receipt. Best served at room temperature, sliced very thin.

Padows Old Cure hams have become a world wide tradition and are considered to be the finest available.