Padow's Old Cure Country Ham Cooked and Boneless

Padow's Old Cure Country Ham Cooked and Boneless

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Padow's  smoked Old Cure Ham.
Salt cured, hickory smoked and aged a minimum of 6 months. No injections or liquid smoke. This is the traditional ham your Grandfather talked about.
Enjoy ham cured using the same time tested recipes handed down for years!
Available exclusively from Padows Hams and Deli in Richmond, Virginia or their deli locations.

Fully cooked! Slice thin and serve cold or glaze and re-bake, this is a fully cooked ham!
Perfect for ham biscuits, party buffets or family dinners. Cured by Padow's cure masters. Do not confuse this ham with the soft, "Liquid Added" hams sold in the grocery store. This is a real, smoked in a smoke house, country cured ham.
Hickory smoked Old Cure Ham weighs approximately 8 - 10 lbs.
Our shipping carriers require us to include the packaging for the ship weight.